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Educational Neuroscience

Learning something properly involves neural changes and reconnections, among other processes. Throughout life, but especially during infancy and childhood, the brain is continuously changed by the environment and the way the person interacts with it (plasticity). And education is a very important part in this process. In this sense, cortical changes can be related to cognitive changes, bringing the opportunity to relate mind, brain and education.
A new discipline studying this subject exists not so far ago: neuroeducation, combining cognitive neuroscience and behavioral methods to investigate the development of mental representations and, possibly, to use neuroscience pre-existing knowledge to improve different teaching approaches. During the last ten years, some neuroscientists begun to design and implement tasks directed to promote and optimize cognitive development.

Dr. Cecilia Ines Calero
Dr. Andrea P Goldin
Mariano Semelman
Dr. Diego Fernández Slezak
Joaquin Ais
Lic. Matias Lopez