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García-Cordero, I., S. Esteves, E. P. Mikulan, E. Hesse, F. H. Baglivo, W. Silva, M. del Carmen García, E. Vaucheret, C. Ciraolo, H. S. García, et al., "Attention, in and Out: Scalp-Level and Intracranial EEG Correlates of Interoception and Exteroception", Frontiers in Neuroscience, vol. 11, Jul-19-2017. PDF icon 2017-García-Cordero-Attention, in and Out Scalp-Level and Intracranial EEG Correlates of Interoception and Exteroception.pdf (2.05 MB)
Rieznik, A., M. Lebedev, and M. Sigman, "Dazzled by the Mystery of Mentalism: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Mental Athletes", Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, vol. 11, 2017. PDF icon 2017-Rieznik-Dazzled by the Mystery of Mentalism The Cognitive Neuroscience of Mental Athletes.pdf (192.6 KB)
Santamaría-García, H., S. Baez, A. M. García, D. Flichtentrei, M. Prats, R. Mastandueno, M. Sigman, D. Matallana, M. Cetkovich, and A. Ibáñez, "Empathy for others’ suffering and its mediators in mental health professionals", Scientific Reports, vol. 7, issue 1, July-25-2017. PDF icon 2017-Santamaria-Empathy for others’ suffering and its mediators in mental health professionals.pdf (2.38 MB)
Amalric, M., L. Wang, P. Pica, S. Figueira, M. Sigman, and S. Dehaene, "The language of geometry: Fast comprehension of geometrical primitives and rules in human adults and preschoolers", PLOS Computational Biology, vol. 13, issue 1, pp. e1005273, 2017. PDF icon 2017-Amalric-The language of geometry.pdf (2.74 MB)
Rieznik, A., L. Moscovich, A. Frieiro, J. Figini, R. Catalano, J. M. Garrido, F. Álvarez Heduan, M. Sigman, and P. A. Gonzalez, "A massive experiment on choice blindness in political decisions: Confidence, confabulation, and unconscious detection of self-deception", PLOS ONE, vol. 12, issue 2, pp. e0171108, 2017. PDF icon 2017-Rieznik-A massive experiment on choice blindness in.pdf (1.13 MB)
Goldin, A. P., O. Pedroncini, and M. Sigman, "Producing or reproducing reasoning? Socratic dialog is very effective, but only for a few", PLOS ONE, vol. 12, issue 3, pp. e0173584, 2017. PDF icon 2017-Goldin-Producing or reproducing reasoning.pdf (926.07 KB)
Goitia, B., F. Manes, T. Torralva, M. Sigman, J. Duncan, M. Cetkovich, and M. Roca, "The relationship between executive functions and fluid intelligence in euthymic Bipolar Disorder patients", Psychiatry Research, vol. 257, pp. 346 - 351, 2017.
Zylberberg, A., J. A. M. Lorteije, B. G. Ouellette, C. I. De Zeeuw, M. Sigman, and P. Roelfsema, "Serial, parallel and hierarchical decision making in primates", eLife, vol. 6, 2017. PDF icon 2017-Zylberberg-Serial, parallel and hierarchical decision making in primates.pdf (778.13 KB)
Mikulan, E., M. Bruzzone, M. Serodio, M. Sigman, T. Bekinschtein, A. M. García, L. Sedeño, and A. Ibáñez, "Time-order-errors and duration ranges in the Episodic Temporal Generalization task", Scientific Reports, vol. 7, issue 1, 2017. PDF icon 2017- Mikulan-Time-order-errors and duration.pdf (1.65 MB)
Leone, M J., D. Fernández Slezak, D. Golombek, and M. Sigman, "Time to decide: Diurnal variations on the speed and quality of human decisions", Cognition, vol. 158, issue 44, 2017. PDF icon 2016 - Leone - Diurnal variations on the speed and quality of human.pdf (1.43 MB)
Amoruso, L., A. Ibañez, B. Fonseca, S. Gadea, L. Sedeño, M. Sigman, A. M. García, R. Fraiman, and D. Fraiman, "Variability in functional brain networks predicts expertise during action observation", NeuroImage, vol. 146, pp. 690 - 700, February-01-2017. PDF icon 2017-Amoruso-Variability in functional brain networks.pdf (2.27 MB)
Zimmerman, F., D. Shalom, P. A. Gonzalez, J. Manuel Garrido, F. Alvarez Heduan, S. Dehaene, M. Sigman, and A. Rieznik, "Arithmetic on Your Phone: A Large Scale Investigation of Simple Additions and Multiplications", PLOS ONE, vol. 11, issue 12, pp. e0168431, 2016. PDF icon 2016-Zimmerman-Arithmetic on Your Phone.pdf (1.45 MB)
Sedeño, L., B. Couto, I. García-Cordero, M. Melloni, S. Baez, J. Pablo Sepúlveda, D. Fraiman, D. Huepe, E. Hurtado, D. Matallana, et al., "Brain Network Organization and Social Executive Performance in Frontotemporal DementiaAbstract", Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, vol. 22, issue 02, pp. 250 - 262, Jan-02-2016. PDF icon Sedeño-2016-Brain Network Organization and Soc.pdf (798.3 KB)
Paz, L., A. Insabato, A. Zylberberg, G. Deco, and M. Sigman, "Confidence through consensus: a neural mechanism for uncertainty monitoring", Scientific Reports, vol. 6, pp. 21830, Dec-02-2017, 2016. PDF icon Paz-2016-Confidence through consensus_ a neura.pdf (2.02 MB)
Kamienkowski, J. E., J. M. Carbajal, B. Bianchi, M. Sigman, and D. E. Shalom, "Cumulative Repetition Effects Across Multiple Readings of a Word: Evidence From Eye Movements", Discourse Processes, pp. 1 - 16, 2016.
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Santamaría-García, H., P. Reyes, A. García, S. Baéz, A. Martinez, J. Manuel Santacruz, A. Slachevsky, M. Sigman, D. Matallana, and A. Ibañez, "First Symptoms and Neurocognitive Correlates of Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementia", Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, vol. 54, issue 3, pp. 957 - 970, 2016.
Ais, J., A. Zylberberg, P. Barttfeld, and M. Sigman, "Individual consistency in the accuracy and distribution of confidence judgments", Cognition, vol. 146, pp. 377 - 386, Jan-01-2016. PDF icon Ais-2016-Individual consistency in the accurac.pdf (1.25 MB)
Goldin, A. P., "Meno, the whole experiment", International School of Mind, Brain and Education, 2016. PDF icon 2016_MBE_MenoTheWholeExperiment.pdf (543.88 KB)
Lago, S., D. E. Shalom, M. Sigman, E. F. Lau, and C. Phillips, "Agreement attraction in Spanish comprehension", Journal of Memory and Language, vol. 82, pp. 133–149, 07/2015. PDF icon Lago et al. - 2015 - Agreement attraction in Spanish comprehension.pdf (1.07 MB)
Canales-Johnson, A., C. Silva, D. Huepe, Á. Rivera-Rei, V. Noreika, M. del Carmen Garcia, W. Silva, C. Ciraolo, E. Vaucheret, L. Sedeño, et al., "Auditory Feedback Differentially Modulates Behavioral and Neural Markers of Objective and Subjective Performance When Tapping to Your Heartbeat", Cerebral Cortex, vol. 25, issue 11, pp. 4490 - 4503, 2015. PDF icon 2015-Canales-Johnson-Auditory Feedback Differentially Modulates Behavioral.pdf (9.05 MB)
Bedi, G., F. Carrillo, G. A. Cecchi, D. Fernández Slezak, M. Sigman, N. B. Mota, S. Ribeiro, D. C. Javitt, M. Copelli, and C. M. Corcoran, "Automated analysis of free speech predicts psychosis onset in high-risk youths",, 08/2015. PDF icon Automated analysis of free speech predicts psychosis onset in.pdf (1.05 MB)
Meyniel, F., M. Sigman, and F.. Mainen, "Confidence as Bayesian Probability: From Neural Origins to Behavior", Neuron, vol. 88, issue 1, pp. 78 - 92, Jan-10-2015. PDF icon Meyniel-2015-Confidence as Bayesian Probabilit.pdf (1.47 MB)
Di Tella, R., R. Pérez - Truglia, A. Babino, and M. Sigman, "Conveniently Upset: Avoiding Altruism by Distorting Beliefs About Others’ Altruism", The American Economic Review, 2015. PDF icon Rafael Di Tella,et.al_. 2015. Conveniently Upset Avoiding Altruism by Distorting Beliefs About Others’ Altruism.pdf (1.08 MB)
Couto, B., F. Adolfi, L. Sedeño, A. Salles, A. Canales-Johnson, P. Alvarez-Abut, I. Garcia-Cordero, M. Pietto, T. Bekinschtein, M. Sigman, et al., "Disentangling interoception: insights from focal strokes affecting the perception of external and internal milieus", Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 6, 2015. PDF icon 2015-Couto-Disentangling interoception.pdf (1.06 MB)
Barttfeld, P., T. A. Bekinschtein, A. Salles, E. A. Stamatakis, R. Adapa, D. K. Menon, and M. Sigman, "Factoring the brain signatures of anesthesia concentration and level of arousal across individuals", NeuroImage: Clinical, vol. 9, pp. 385 - 391, Jan-01-2015. PDF icon Barttfeld-2015-Factoring the brain signatures .pdf (1.01 MB)
Carrillo, F., G. A. Cecchi, M. Sigman, and D. Fernández Slezak, "Fast Distributed Dynamics of Semantic Networks via Social Media", Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, vol. 2015, issue 712835, pp. 1 - 9, Jan-01-2015. PDF icon Facundo Carrillo,et al.2015.Fast Distributed Dynamics of Semantic Networks via Social Media.pdf (2.17 MB)
Lorteije, A.M.., A. Zylberberg, B. Ouellette, I.. Zeeuw, M. Sigman, and P. R. Roelfsema, "The Formation of Hierarchical Decisions in the Visual Cortex", Neuron, vol. 87, issue 6, pp. 1344 - 1356, Jan-09-2015. PDF icon Lorteije-2015-The Formation of Hierarchical De.pdf (3.22 MB)
Couto, B., F. Adolfi, M. Velazquez, M. Mesow, J. Feinstein, A. Canales-Johnson, E. Mikulan, D. Martínez-Pernía, T. A. Bekinschtein, M. Sigman, et al., "Heart evoked potential triggers brain responses to natural affective scenes: A preliminary study.", Elsevier Inc, 07/2015.
Mesz, B., P. H. Rodrigu Zivic, G. A. Cecchi, M. Sigman, and M. A. Trevisan, "The music of morality and logic", Frontiers in Psycology, 07/2015. PDF icon Mesz, B. et. al. 2015. The music of morality and logic.pdf (1.3 MB)
Lopez-Rosenfeld, M., C. I. Calero, D. Fernández Slezak, G. Garbulsky, M. Bergman, M. Trevisan, and M. Sigman, "Neglect in Human Communication: Quantifying the Cost of Cell-Phone Interruptions in Face to Face Dialogs", PLOS ONE, vol. 10, issue 6, pp. e0125772, Mar-06-2015. PDF icon 2015_neglect_communication-plosOne.pdf (444.21 KB)
Paz, L., A. P. Goldin, C. Diuk, and M. Sigman, "Parsing Heuristic and Forward Search in First-Graders' Game-Play Behavior", Cognitive Science, vol. 39, issue 5, pp. 944 - 971, Jan-07-2015. PDF icon Paz-2015-Parsing Heuristic and Forward Search .pdf (1.24 MB)
Gonzalez-Gadea, M. L., S. Chennu, T. A. Bekinschtein, A. Rattazzi, A. Beraudi, P. Trippichio, B. Moyano, Y. Soffita, L. Steinberg, F. Adolfi, et al., "Predictive coding in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder", Journal of Neurophysiology, vol. 14, 2015. PDF icon 2015-Gonzalez-Gadea-Predictive coding in autism spectrum.pdf (2.27 MB)
Petroni, A., M. Julia Carbajal, and M. Sigman, "Proprioceptive Body Illusions Modulate the Visual Perception of Reaching Distance", plos one, 06/2015. PDF icon Petroni, A. et al. 2015.Proprioceptive Body Illusions Modulate the Visual Perception of Reaching Distance.pdf (395.83 KB)
Lopez-Rosenfeld, M., F. Carrillo, G. Garbulsky, D. Fernández Slezak, and M. Sigman, "Quantitative Pedagogy: A Digital Two Player Game to Examine Communicative Competence", PLOS ONE, vol. 10, issue 11, pp. e0142579, Oct-11-2015. PDF icon 2015_quantitative_pedagogy_plosOne.pdf (620.87 KB)
Bavassi, L., J. E. Kamienkowski, M. Sigman, and R. Laje, "Sensorimotor synchronization: neurophysiological markers of the asynchrony in a finger-tapping task", Psychological Research, Jan-11-2016, 2015. PDF icon Bavassi-2015-Sensorimotor synchronization_ neu.pdf (3.37 MB)
Barttfeld, P., L. Uhrig, J. Diego Sitt, M. Sigman, B. Jarraya, and S. Dehaene, "Signature of consciousness in the dynamics of resting-state brain activity", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 01/2015. PDF icon Barttfeld et al. - 2015 - Signature of consciousness in the dynamics of rest.pdf (3.53 MB)
Kontukoski, M., H. Luomala, B. Mesz, M. Sigman, M. A. Trevisan, M. Rotola-Pukkila, and A. Inkeri Hopia, "Sweet and sour: music and taste associations", Nutrition & Food Science, vol. 45, issue 3, 2015. PDF icon Kontukoski et al. - 2015 - Sweet and sour music and taste associations.pdf (501.71 KB)
Nicenboim, B., S. Vasishth, C. Gattei, M. Sigman, and R. Kliegl, "Working memory differences in long-distance dependency resolution", Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 6, 2015. PDF icon Nicenboim et al. - 2015 - Working memory differences in long-distance depend.pdf (2.21 MB)
Calero, C. I., A. Zylberberg, J. Ais, M. Semelman, and M. Sigman, "Young children are natural pedagogues", Cognitive Development, vol. 35, pp. 65 - 78, Jan-07-2015. PDF icon Calero et al. - 2015 - Young children are natural pedagogues.pdf (1.1 MB)
Costa, M. Elias, "Aportes al estudio cuantitativo del lenguaje y la comunicación animal en tres etapas: recepción, elaboración y emisión de un mensaje", Departamento de Física, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, vol. Doctorado, Buenos Aires, Universidad de Buenos Aires, pp. 142, 08/2014. PDF icon Costa_Doc_2014.pdf (8.48 MB)
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Navajas, J., M. Sigman, and J. E. Kamienkowski, "Dynamics of Visibility, Confidence, and Choice During Eye Movements.", Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 04/2014. PDF icon Navajas JEPHPP 2014.pdf (1.05 MB)
Goldin, A. P., M. J. Hermida, D. E. Shalom, M. Elias Costa, M. Lopez-Rosenfeld, M. S. Segretin, D. Fernández Slezak, S. J. Lipina, and M. Sigman, "Far transfer to language and math of a short software-based gaming intervention", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. Early Edition, 04/2014. PDF icon PNAS-2014-Goldin-1320217111.pdf (935.22 KB)
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Leone, M J., D. Fernández Slezak, G. A. Cecchi, and M. Sigman, "The geometry of expertise", Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 5, pp. 47, 2014. PDF icon Leone et al 2014 Geometry of expertise.pdf (801.08 KB)
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