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Dr. Guillermo Solovey


Guillermo Solovey was born in Argentina and grew up in Brazil until age 10. After completing his pre-college studies in Buenos Aires, he studied physics at the University of Buenos Aires where he obtained a master degree in 2003. He became very interested in the relationship between physics and biology. Therefore, soon after graduation he turned to theoretical and experimental biophysics. During his PhD with Silvina Ponce Dawson, he studied the propagation of calcium inside cells using methods and tools from physics, mathematics and computer science.
He moved to New York in 2009 as a postdoc in Marcelo Magnasco's lab (The Rockefeller University) to investigate large scale brain coding. By that time, he starts a (still ongoing) collaboration with Guillermo Cecchi (IBM Research) and Alex Proekt (Cornell University) to investigate transitions in conscious states during induction and recovery from anesthesia using ECoG recordings. In 2011 he moved to Columbia University to pursue a postdoc position with Hakwan Lau at Columbia University (New York), investigating the phenomenology and neural basis of visual perception at the periphery of the visual field.
He returned to Argentina as a CONICET researcher at Instituto de Cálculo (University of Buenos Aires) and as a member of the Integrative Neuroscience Laboratory. His research interests are the phenomenology and neural basis of subjective visual perception, the construction of confidence and the role of prior expectations in perceptual decisions. He uses a combination of psychophysics, behavioral and neural modeling. One of his current projects is to understand a long standing unresolved puzzle in vision science: the inflation of subjective experience of details in peripheral perception.
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